Future-friendly thinking

We are genuinely inspired by the limitless potential of technology to provide greater comfort, convenience, entertainment and security at home at a moment’s whim. When conceiving your future residence, we believe it’s of paramount importance to live on the bleeding edge of smart home innovations… or be left wanting. As smart home specialists, we can integrate the latest technologies into your new home build and enable you to live beyond for generations to come.

Intelligent home automation

Elevate the everyday to extraordinary. We can custom install a smart home system specially designed to seamlessly integrate all your home technologies into a single, integrated, easy-to-use system. Your thermostat, TVs, music, lighting and shades can all be controlled by voice, smartphone, remote and an inwall touchscreen command centre.

We can custom-develop smart home solutions based on your unique family dynamic.

Smart climate controls

Live smart with your home heating and cooling systems. Enjoy an eco-conscious lifestyle with automated climate controls that bring your thermostat to your smartphone. Thanks to our expertise in smart home technologies, you can enjoy simple climate control solutions that are optimized for perfect comfort when you arrive home, while saving you energy expenses while you’re away.

Home comfort systems at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Live at the speed of light

Control all your home’s lighting systems on a central keypad or from your smartphone. Simply adjust the hue and brightness to match the time of day, occasion or desired mood. You can also control your home’s lighting while you’re away to turn off and on at intervals to make it appear as though someone’s at home.

Home comfort systems at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

The sound of total control

Music is the invisible soul of every home. Stream, play and control what you hear, and where, from a tablet, smartphone or even by voice. Our smart home audio systems also allow you to raise or lower the volume of the movie or show you’re watching, tweak the sound balance and crank up the bass at a moment’s whim.

We can custom-design a sound system optimized to your unique home layout and room acoustics.

Home security, anytime and anywhere

Because you can never be too safe and secure. Enjoy realtime visuals and remote control of all your home’s access points from your smartphone. Receive alerts whenever someone enters your house, when a window opens, even when a water leak is detected in your basement.

Peace of mind at home and while you’re away 24:7:365.

A view into the future

Your smart system can allow you to pre-program when your blinds raise and lower, or complete the transition at the touch of a button. Not only do you enjoy increased privacy, but you can coordinate lighting and blind settings to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

Raise and lower your blinds and shades without a second thought.

Manage your liquidity

Maintain your landscaping impeccably and effortlessly. We can strategically place and calibrate a smart irrigation system that keeps every last square inch of your grass vibrant green and your flowerbeds bursting with colour. Irrigation can be pre-programmed to begin and end at your specified times or at the touch of a button.

100% chance of precipitation at your command.

A resort lifestyle

Pool and spa automation are among the newest additions to smart home environments. We can custom-design a system that can control variable-speed pumps, heaters, lighting, spa settings, salt systems, booster pumps, water features and more.

The easiest way to control your pool, hot tub and spa.

Moving backyard entertainment front and centre

Transform your outdoor pergola into the ultimate entertainment destination. We can equip your outdoor space with smart sound, video and lighting controls to your exact specifications. We can even install speakers and lighting discretely to keep your systems hidden until you want them to be seen and heard.

Connect with the outdoors in ways you never imagined.

Power when you need it

Our ambition is to future-proof your home for the multitude of ways you may choose to work and play tomorrow. Every bespoke Stonebrooke home comes with an EV charging station so whether you currently have a Tesla Model X or are holding out for the Founders Series Roadster, you’ll be ready for a fossil-free world.

Empowering your way forward.