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In pursuit of the moment.


Stonebrooke Homes specializes in crafting custom estate homes with elevated artistry, ambience and ambition. Our desire is to build your legacy by fusing elite craftsmanship with exemplary client services, drawing from our distinguished reputation amongst custom homebuilding circles.

Eternally optimistic, we wholeheartedly share each client’s singular aspiration and are prepared to go beyond to bring that spark to life. We know intimately how exciting it is to walk through your front door and realize everything is perfect. That’s the single mission we strive toward – a transcendent moment in time you will always cherish.

There are special, cherished moments in life when everything feels even better than perfect. Your wedding day, your child’s first steps, a surprise birthday celebration you honestly never saw coming attended by all your absolutely favourite people in the world.

At Stonebrook Homes, we are invested in creating environments that serve as the catalyst for life’s most treasured moments at home. Your children playing peacefully together, blissfully unaware that you’re watching. Your significant other absent-mindedly humming one of “your songs” as they enter the room. The butterflies you feel, deep down, when you realize this beautiful home you’re in is your most adored destination.

International pedigree

As an internationally acclaimed bespoke homebuilder, we offer our unrivalled craftsmanship and exceptional client services whether you live here or afar. We can both design and craft a home here on Canadian soil while you or your family are living abroad, or contribute our distinguished excellence towards building a home anywhere in the world in collaboration with our elite network of international building and design professionals.


We specialize in collaborating with established architecture and interior design firms to execute on the project’s vision down to every last detail. Our hands-on diversity in experience has enabled us to work with a broader range of design styles and empowered us to conquer countless unique construction and material challenges, while working directly with some of the top creative visionaries in North America.

We feel passionately about working in unison with you and your design team throughout all phases, from consultation and planning to crafting, refining and realizing your completed vision. We appreciate that yours is the most important voice in this incredible journey we are about to embark on together, which is why we place you at the centre of the creative process, working with you to realize the potential of your home.

Custom of a higher calibre

Everything we do is built with our hands and heart. From grand estate custom homes to extensive home renovations and additions, even bespoke cottages, we aspire to create living spaces that are as unique and diverse as the client’s we are honoured to serve.

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